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3 Amazing Trivias About Commercial Refrigeration That Will Make You Giggle

commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration may be a tough and serious topic; however, it has a good and funny side to it. When you look at the history of commercial refrigeration, you will find out that the kind of refrigeration that you see around you today is way different than when the system first started. You might not even imagine how the current refrigeration systems available started from a very simple element – ice!

People Got Instructions on How to Use Ice

This happened in the 1800s. Frederic Tudor, a merchant, came to the Caribbean Islands bringing 130 tons of ice with him. The merchant considered it as a breakthrough, believing in the marketability of “ice.” Since people in those days have not even seen nor heard of ice, they simply didn’t know what to do with it. The ship where he carried the ice was insulated with straw. Locals had a positive response to the ice, but they still didn’t know what it would be used for. Tudor had a hard time, considering that the ice was already melting. So in order for locals to understand, he was compelled to attach instructions to the stuff that he was selling. His only instruction was to wrap the ice in a towel so as to avoid fast melting. If commercial refrigeration repair in Orange County was available back then, the guys would have gone crazy in trying to solve how to stop ice from melting.

Having a Refrigerator at Home Meant Cutting the Floor

Now that you have an idea of how “commercial refrigeration” started in the 1800s, it’s time to fast forward a bit. When it was ascertained after so many decades later that refrigeration is useful at home, the fridge was made available for home use. Manufacturers had a bit of a hard time installing these fridges since they were so big, they needed to cut the floor of a home just to install a refrigerator. A big credit could be given to Kelvinator, which made the first standalone fridge like what you are using now. Prior to this, a home refrigerator was made up of two parts: the icebox that is filled with refrigerant is located in the upper or ground floor, while the motor and machinery were found in the basement. This kind of fridge at home would make one wonder how a commercial refrigeration repair in Orange County would resolve any issue.

A 4-Ton Elephant Can Stand on Top of an Early Refrigerator

They say that the commercialization of all appliances has become the norm. This may be incredibly true. In fact, the demand for commercial refrigeration repair in Orange County has increased is a testament to the current trend in making appliances. This was not the case during the old days. Everything was made to be very strong. A home fridge back in the early 20th century was so robust, the manufacturer found the need to prove it to the world through the commercial. Frigidaire had an elephant weighing 4-tons, to stand on top of the fridge. They then opened and closed the door of the fridge to show everyone that the seals of the doors were so airtight that even the weight of an elephant could not destroy it. Because of the sturdiness of refrigerators back then, those that deal with commercial refrigeration repair in Orange County scarcely had something to repair.

These interesting facts about commercial refrigeration are something worth pondering about. It’s amazing how it all started with ice, how the systems evolved, until such time that commercial refrigeration is what it is today. Features and size reduction are among the things that consumers enjoy today. Perhaps, the only thing that consumers today will miss with refrigeration systems of long ago is the fact that manufacturers used to build them really sturdy; they last for so many years. 

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