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One. Causes of tooth loss:

Adult tooth loss, there may be different reasons. Common cause of missing teeth may be caused by early tooth decay or an accident. The most common phenomenon is the upper side teeth missing, missing teeth, usually incisors, premolars and third molars. Another missing teeth may be due to the teeth to be piezoresistive, is unable to grow to the gums above. This will cause many problems. Occurs most frequently by the piezoresistive can not grow out of teeth on the canines, premolars and wisdom teeth.

Two. The hazards of tooth loss:

1. The integrity of the dentition of the destruction of tooth loss, a longer time to repair, the collar near the teeth lost to rely on and constraints will become tilted, elongation of jaw teeth, dentition, the integrity of the destruction of Over time, the remaining teeth gradually thinning off, lost a good, close adjacency relationship between the teeth, could easily lead to bite dysfunction. Teeth tilt the tooth to withstand the harmful force increase in periodontal tissue burden weight easily lead to occlusal trauma.

2. Alveolar bone atrophy: normal bite force reached the alveolar bone, which is a physiological stimulation of the alveolar bone, stimulate bone growth, and regulate bone resorption and regeneration, to keep it relatively balanced. This stimulation ceased to exist after the missing tooth and alveolar bone are varying degrees of disuse atrophy, and gradually increased with the time of tooth loss, which will give the late denture repair and maintain the balance of oral and Dental orthodontics extraction hazard maxillofacial stability brought about great difficulties.

3. Masticatory dysfunction: missing teeth after the remaining teeth, a series of changes, the original bite changes in the relationship, reduce the effective functioning of the area between the remaining teeth corresponding reduction in masticatory efficiency. Studies have shown that the first molar of the lack of a full mouth chewing function will be reduced about 30%.

4. Food impaction: normal teeth and teeth, arranged very closely adjacent tooth movement, teeth and the teeth will appear gap, easy to make food impaction to the tooth gap, causing bad breath, dental caries, periodontal disease.

5. Maxillary sinus expansions of the maxillary molars and premolars in the top of a cavity structure – the maxillary sinus, which is one of the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity connected. Maxillary sinus below generally have a certain amount of alveolar bone, the maxillary molars and premolars to maintain a solid foundation, but with the lack of maxillary tooth, the maxillary sinus, there may be an extension to Dental anomalies of reasons the bottom of the maxillary alveolar bone at the rear of becoming very meager.

Three. The symptoms of tooth loss: Partial molar missing, can cause crooked teeth long into the missing teeth gap, but also cause malocclusions, tooth wear and facial muscle disorders.

Four. Missing teeth three repair methods:

1. Removable denture removable denture remaining natural teeth in the mouth as the abutment teeth, artificial dentures denture base through a variety of materials, as a whole, re-use in a role similar to the hook clasp fixed to the abutments to  restore chewing function.

2. Wide range of applications, missing teeth can be applied to the number of other dental conditions slightly worse can tentatively.

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